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Video Clips

The Hitman & Her live at Fallows 1991

The Hitman & Her live at The Paradox 1993

Maricourt trip to Scotland 1978

Maricourt-Scotland 1978 Fancy Dress Comp.

Maghull Community Radio Live Launch

Maghull High Dance Production 1998

Remember the Pearl & Dean Adverts on the Albany/Astra..??

A night in The Everest...

A video of from the cab of a train as it makes it's journey from Liverpool Central to Ormskirk in 1990. Great to see the changes from then to now along the way

Not Maghull but interesting for those that remember it...The Docker's Umbrella...A journey on Liverpool's overhead railway

A drive around Maghull one miserable November Late Sunday afternoon in 2014

Life in the FreezerWith many thanx to Mike M (a local resident)... In the Big Freeze of 2010 Mike quickly grabbed his camera and took these great pics...So all you lot who live in pastures you miss this?

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