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I grew up in Maghull
I grew up in Maghull


♫ Welcome to the new 'I Grew Up In Maghull' Homepage........... (Da..Narr..!!) ♫


I grew up in Maghull in the late 60's and 70's....Have moved away on several occasions...and returned to settle... Maghull, Old Roan & Lydiate, how it's changed..!!


The site is meant to emulate the original Facebook page as in promote  memories of growing up in Maghull and it's surrounding areas, Lydiate, the Old Roan area of Aintree, Melling & Sefton as well as promote an interest in local modern history.


Please feel free to make comments on the 'Comments' & 'Forum' pages about any of the pictures, or memories you may have.. and please note that this site is for Fun and not serious intent or profit. Most comments are made tongue in cheek and no intentional offence is intended.

I Grew Up In


The wait is over. 'I Grew Up In Maghull' is here! Thrilling and entertaining, like the experience on a crazy roller coaster.

The New York Times


Thrilling in the extreme,'I Grew Up in Maghull' is a definite page-flipper.

The Champion

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