Do you remember these places??

The Albany/Astra

Remember going here..?? Saturday matinees with a Kia-Ora and a Tub off Jean...Elvis on the door... Going in for am early performance and staying through the second...bunking in through the back doors...All part of the story that was our local picture house..

A drive around the old area....

Some historic pics of all roads all around the area..I remember some as they were pictured others a little bit before my time...

Pubs & Other Drinking Holes

Lots of pics of Pubs & other places...The 'Haries'..'Meds'...Charlie C's...Don't need to say anymore..>:0)





Leeds Liverpool Canal..'The Cut'..

The Cut holds many memories for me...Fishing in it..walking along it..playing around it...even swimming in it..(Dear Lord did I really..??)...These pics try to show it off a bit..

Shops & Local Business

Lucy's..The Cabin...Pope's....all well known names to Maghull folk... See which one's hold a memory or two for you...



Steam & Stations

These pics take a look at the Railways around the area...


These pics look at buildings and other things around the area...Moss Side..Koters..St Giles....places of work..worship..and wonder...enjoy.

St. Andrew's.....

A couple of pics of St.Andrew's...Maghull Parish Church


Maricourt..Deyes..The Grammar..Ormonde...All the different Primary schools...Where did you go and when..??


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(Thnx to Andy Walker..) A photo of a picture of a photo of a picture of what was the Travellers Rest before it was the Travellers Rest before it was a you get my drift...anyway..The Original Travellers Rest.